Organize like never before.

With persuasive content and cutting-edge relational organizing technology on the mobile phones of your activists, supporters and volunteers, Fair Shot helps your campaign organize your supporters and their friends at scale.

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Empower your volunteers to mobilize their friends and build bottom-up grassroots communities.

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Spread your message

Deliver custom content to supporters and undecided voters.

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Integrate Your Campaign

Track progress and organizing metrics with full Votebuilder integration.

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Empower your supporters

Support volunteers to organize their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

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Activate the Grassroots

Make it easy for supporters to ask their friends to volunteer, donate, share content, and identify supporters.

Simple pricing that fits your campaign

Whether you are running for School Board or President of the United States, this tool is right for you. Our prices are based solely on the race your running, so you can get everything you need without having to worry about paying more for new users or more features.*

These prices will increase on January 1, 2020. Sign your up before then and we’ll lock in your low price for the entire 2020 cycle.

*Fair Shot is free to download for everyone. These prices are for campaigns who want to use the app to organize their communities.

Monthly Rate
School Committee, City Council, & Select Board
State Representative
State Senate & County Races
U.S. House of Representatives
Statewide Access

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